economical responsibility

modulyss® endeavours to be an economically sound company in terms of growth, turnover and profit. We bolster and ensure our activities with determination, so that we can prove to our stakeholders first and foremost that we, as a company, are economically sound and offer job security for our employees and for our suppliers.

As a company, we gear our investments and expansions to strengthening our activities on the one hand, and to the safety and well-being of our employees on the other. Such growth moreover contributes to a positive image among modulyss® customers – something worth considering, bearing in mind that the textile industry has a rather negative image in Flanders.

We are therefore aiming at encouraging investors to find their way again to the Flemish textile industries and to stimulate our economy as a whole. Thriving companies actually foster economic progress and more job security, and in so doing, attract new and bigger investors – an upward spiral in which modulyss® is keen to play a pioneering role.

Sustainability report