advantages bitumen

Advantages of a bitumen backing

Working with extrusion gives a constant coating composition.

Comply with the strictest European regulations for fire safety:

  • EN 13501-1
  • Bfl-s1

The highest use classification:

  • EN 1307
  • class 32, class 33.

Dimensional stability:

  • EN 986
  • < 0,2 %.

Extremely flexible: bitumen enhanced with a thermoplastic elastomer.


  • Contains no dissolvers, aromas, PVC.
  • REACH: Increase the knowledge about the properties of the chemical materials/substances and the risks entailed by the use thereof.
  • Certificates: GUT, BRE, Dibt, HQE.

Recycled backing: back2back.

  • Use of our own carpet tile waste (10 %), generated during the tile cutting process, by incorporating it into the backing.


  • Loose laid: no need for permanent glue
  • A waterproof material
  • Hardly deformable
  • Flexible