We build our business on need.

We are bound to be flexible so that we meet the needs and expetations of the international commercial market. Simultaneously we respond to a changing landscape and push to innovate and improve our products.

We are proud of our  approach to the environment.

We are bound to care and be inventive, innovative and creative in finding better environmental solutions for the carpet tiles we produce. Highly selective in the materials we use and committed to safeguarding the wellbeing of what surrounds us, we are bound to create a better environment.

We are always in pursuit of excellence.

Based on our ambition, we are bound to deliver excellence throughout our practices. We have the professionalism, dedication and drive to achieve excellence today and redefine it tomorrow.

We always deliver on our promises.

Our flexibility allows us to adapt to make sure we are bound to our promises. It allows us to embrace industry developments and keep up to date with international standards. Through our promises, our customers can rely on us to deliver outstanding service, rely on us for support, rely on us for excellence and go the extra step.

We set trends and redefine expectations.

Our innovative and creative approach does not just end with our carpet tiles, it impacts and challenges our own standards and drives change to improve the industry. With better carpet tiles, greater environmental care and superior practices we are bound to take it a step further with every carpet tile we make.