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MM#3 is out now!

From fish nets to carpet tiles. 

Joining Healthy Seas® as an associate partner member, modulyss® collaborates with fishermen, fish farms, local communities and other stakeholders to prevent waste nets from ending up in the sea.

The nylon 6 recovered from fishing nets is transformed into virgin raw material, which, together with other waste materials, is turned into ECONYL® regenerated nylon yarn, used in the modulyss® eco-collections.

Where nature meets craft

Nature gives us so much to work with. Colours, shapes and patterns.
But also, materials to construct everything we can dream of.

The Handcraft Collection brings together scraps and stitches of nature’s tale. Invite the outside in with the collection’s organic patterns and hues. A green inspiration for a tranquil atmosphere.

Discover the fragmented designs of Moss, Leaf, Willow and Grind.

Parallel pieces of a pure puzzle.
How will you put it together?