New shapes

New Shapes introduces three different shapes that come together to create limitless flooring layouts in endless colours, textures and shapes. Squares and rectangles are combined to add flexibility and to ensure that a modular carpet works for any interior.

From offices to hotel rooms: bring new shape into your flooring with modulyss.

New shapes

So much more than a functional solution to a functional requirement, New Shapes adds dynamic intent to your floor. With structures, shades and designs sampled from as many as 36 modulyss modular carpet collections, you can create a floor that works for any interior.

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Find out all about the endless creative possibilities of our New Shapes carpet tiles.

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Think out of the square

At modulyss, we have 25 years’ experience in making modular carpet tiles that are square, 50x50cm, created to bring design flexibility and adapt quickly to interiors of all shapes and sizes. In order to offer an even wider range of products and to meet growing demand, modulyss has created New Shapes, positively changing its modular carpet collection forever.


3 different shapes

Using the same geometric principles that have made modular carpet so adaptable and that keep it inherently flexible, New Shapes introduces three different shapes that come together to create limitless flooring layouts.

New Shapes modulyss carpet tiles
New Shapes

A new dimension of creativity

New Shapes is entirely adaptable, working individually, together and in combination with 50x50cm square formats. Explore endless combinations of layout, colour, texture and shape, all while discovering new flooring design possibilities.

The products

The revolutionary New Shapes format is available on 36 modulyss collections, as from 250 sqm. However, the following products in 25x100cm format can be delivered from stock:

  • First Absolute 181, 575, 809, 912, 930, 993
  • Xtra Cambridge 21F, 25F, 30F, 41F, 50F, 60F
  • Alternative100 181, 312, 592, 900, 929, 965
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