Cleaning & installation

Our carpet tiles guarantee a long performance life and are easy to install, replace and maintain. Choosing carpet tiles means saving on costs, thanks to the smaller cutting loss compared to fitted carpets or other floor coverings. There is no need for permanent gluing, and it is possible to do the installation in phases. To help you enjoy your modulyss carpet for as long as possible, we have put together our own Installation and Cleaning Instructions.

In short? All you need to know about carpet tile installation and maintenance, on one page.

Our carpet tiles are known for their strength and optimal retention of color and appearance. These properties not only guarantee a long life, but also make the cleaning of these carpet tiles much easier and faster.

Cleaning instructions

Cleaning instructions

To help you enjoy your modulyss carpet as long as possible, we've compiled a handy brochure with cleaning and maintenance tips.

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The lasting and beautiful character of a modulyss carpet tile is ensured by a proper and systematic maintenance schedule. We recommend setting up an appropriately large clean-off area to protect the entrance to your interior. Daily maintenance, by means of a brush vacuum cleaner, can remove up to 80% of dirt, and helps carpet tiles retain their dust-capturing ability. Marks should be removed from the carpet immediately, and we recommend performing a specialized maintenance several times per year depending on the degree of foot traffic, and how soiled the carpet becomes.

To help you enjoy your modulyss carpet for as long as possible, we've put together our own Cleaning Instructions. Retaining the beauty of your carpet requires a scheduled approach to maintenance.

The good news? Smart and regular maintenance pays for itself many times over. A clean place makes a happy space.


Installation of modulyss carpet tiles
Carpet tile installation waste vs broadloom installation waste


Carpet tiles not only allow you to be more creative in design than regular broadloom carpeting – they also significantly reduce installation- and replacement waste. Easy to place, easy to replace: carpet tiles provide a durable flooring solution.

  • Smaller cutting loss
  • Possible to install in phases installation
  • Waterproof material
  • Flexible, but not easily deformable
  • No permanent gluing needed
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