Hi! This is modulyss. In a selection of 50 projects around the world. 

Each and every one of our projects is as different from the next. Because that’s what we love to do most: to bring out the distinctive character of commercial spaces.

The fact that so many renowned architects, designers and other decision makers in commercial projects select our modular flooring solutions to shape their projects makes us proud ... So proud that we wanted to share it with you in our brand new international reference catalogue.

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We build our business on need.
We are proud of our approach to the environment.
We are always in pursuit of excellence.
We always deliver on our promises.
We set trends and redefine expectations.

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MM#4 is out now!

Collection 2016. 

So many exciting things already happened this year!

Not only did we introduce the modulyss designer, an online tool to design your own floor plan, but we've also launched some amazing products ...

One of which is the Scandinavian-inspired Opposite & Opposite Lines collection.

Another one is the charismatic "Vintage" collection with Pixel, Patchwork and Pattern. And last but not least, the Handcraft collection, which reminds us of the outdoors with its beautiful organic patterns and hues of Moss, Leaf, Willow en Grind!

Discover them all in MM#4!


modulyss designer

Pure Air100

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There's more to style than meets the eye!...