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Hi, we are modulyss. We make high-quality carpet tiles, set trends and always aim to inspire. Across the world, but with a sustainable approach.

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Brilliant designs for dazzling spaces

DELIGHT is our new glistening carpet tile collection that will radiate through your interior with unexpected turns and tricks of light, tantalising at every glance.

Discover Blaze, Dusk, Dawn, Gleam and Spark.


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squared. the modulyss blog

With our blog we want to explore the primary interests of our industry. Get inspired by our hot trends, riveting projects, how to’s, behind the scenes peeks and our research on sustainability and wellbeing at the office.

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Sustainability first

Ever since modulyss' inception, our people, processes and products have been screened for their environmental impact. This has allowed us to develop a sustainable workflow over the years, delivering goods that are ecologically viable.

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modulyss designer modulyss designer

modulyss designer

The modulyss designer is an online design tool which allows you to make unique and creative floor designs with a variety of colours, patterns, structures and grids. So give your creativity free rein and just combine & design as much as you like!

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