Easy to install

Carpet tiles not only allow you to be more creative in design than regular broadloom carpeting, they also significantly reduce installation and replacement waste. Easy to place, easy to replace: carpet tiles provide a durable flooring solution.

  • Smaller cutting loss
  • Phased installation possible
  • Waterproof material
  • Flexible, but hardly deformable
  • No permanent gluing needed


modulyss installation mascotte & toolbox

Installation of minituft products

With their low profile structure, minituft carpet tiles provide a clean minimalist aesthetic. However, due to this structure, greater attention to detail is required during installation to achieve a perfect finish.

modulyss_ABS_Grind 130

Flex Fitters

These self-adhesive tabs are an ideal alternative to the traditional adhesives used for the installation of back2back equipped carpet tiles and planks.

With a negligible amount of VOCs, leading to a better indoor air quality, and a higher recyclability of both the tabs and the carpet tiles, this flexible method offers a sustainable solution.

modulyss Flex Fitters