modulyss uses its carpet tile waste generated during the tile cutting process by incorporating it into the secondary backing of the products. In our efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our carpet tiles, we are always looking for new and alternative raw materials.

This is not garbage

Already in 2007, we started processing our cutting waste generated during the tile cutting process into the carpet tiles’ secondary backing. This back2back bitumen backing contains up to 10% carpet tile waste, thanks to our unique backing process and the filler is 100% post-industrial recycled chalk.

At modulyss, the carpet tile waste generated during the cutting process is primary material for the secondary backing. Cutting carpet tiles into 50 x 50 cm equals 3% waste.


The back2back process

  1. Carpet tile waste is transported via a conveyor.
  2. '3rd choice’ carpet tiles are added to the piles.
  3. All carpet tile waste is shredded and additives are added.
  4. The primary raw material and air are separated by a cyclone.
  5. The primary raw material goes into a hopper (silo).
  6. All raw materials go into the extruder.
  7. The bitumen is added to the carpet.
back2back process2